Annual servicing

The manufacturers warranty is only valid with proof of regular servicing. To ensure many years of trouble free heating and hotwater and greatly reduce the risk of a costly breakdown, the boiler has a number of key performance tests that prove it is running efficiently. When the readings cross certain thresholds, a full strip-down service is carried out to clean inside the main heat exchanger replacing any disturbed seals. Unvented cylinders require inspection / servicing to ensure their warranty is valid and operating safely and efficiently.

Boiler Service

Visual inspection of heating system against current regulations

Magnetic filter cleaned

Expansion vessel pressure tested

Condensate trap cleaned

Combustion gas analysis

Air pressure test

Gas rate

Safety devices checked

30 - 60min duration

Major service strip down and replace seals 3 - 5years

Gas safety checks

It is a  a legal requirement for landlords to have all gas appliances, pipework, chimneys and flues checked every 12 months to make sure the property they’re renting out is safe for their tenants.

Boiler manufacturers require a record of annual service to honour the warranty.

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