Power flushing

The quality of system water is paramount and will ensure boiler longevity regardless of manufacturer. A building control and warranty requirement . Visual  testing, TDS meter tested and history of  performance/cold spots on radiators determines method to be used:


Water is flushed through the system at high speed, changing flow direction frequently helping to agitate and dislodge sludge. A chemical cleaner and ideally heated water is used to speed up the process.

Magnetic / Chemical cleanse

A powerful magnetic filtration system is connected  to the  system pipework and a chemcial cleaner added. The boiler is run to heat-up and pump the solution around the system. An agitating tool may be used on each radiator to loosen stubborn deposits. Sludge is periodically removed in the process.


A smaller version of the Magnetic device is left permanently installed onto the system ensuring any future sludge is captured before entering the boiler and flushed out at annual service.


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